What is the Israel Summer Seminar Like?

Diller Fellows are challenged to develop and refine their relationship to Israel through many parts of the programming, including experiential learning, friendships with Yerucham Diller Fellows, a three-week Israel trip and hosting Yerucham counterparts at home. On the Israel trip, participants have the opportunity to come together with 600-plus other Diller Teen Fellows from around the world during International Congress.

What makes the Diller Israel Summer Seminal Unique?

The Israel trip is unique in that it gives Fellows an opportunity to tour Israel while sharing perspectives with teens from around the world. Fellows spend one week of their stay living with their Israeli peers exploring Yerucham, learning about current events, and engaging in community service. They also spend part of their trip getting to know other Diller Teen Fellows from around the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Argentina and Israel.

Why Yerucham?

Watch this video to see the beauty of Yerucham!

Other Communities with Diller Teen Fellows and partners include:

  • San Francisco/Upper Galilee
  • Baltimore/Ashkelon
  • Greater MetroWest, NJ/Rishon LeZion
  • Los Angeles/Tel Aviv
  • Boston/Haifa
  • Pittsburgh/Karmiel, Misgav
  • Toronto/Eilat, Eilot
  • Chicago/Kiryat Gat-Lachish-Shafir
  • Johannesburg/Beit Shemesh, Mateh Yehuda
  • Melbourne/Golan Heights
  • Capetown/Shoham
  • Buenos Aires/Hof Hasharon
  • Philadelphia/Herzliya
  • United Kingdom/Mate Asher


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